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  1. If the customer cancels the departure with more than 30 days before the exit will be refunded the 50% of the daily departure.
  2. If the client cancels in a term less than 30 days before the departure, there is no refund.
  3. Cancellation due to force majeure: the Shipowner is not liable for causes of force majeure (earthquakes, tsunamis, strikes, attacks, delay of air travel, bad weather, closing of airports), this cause no refund of money.
  4. Cancellation by the shipowner, if the Nautilus can not offer the service due to lack of boat, the proportional part of the services that has not been possible will be returned, calculated as follows: 50% for the departure (if done), 25% for each one of two daily dives or activities.
  5. No refunds are made in any other case, including non-attendance of passengers for any reason, change of itinerary, non-diving passenger decision, malfunction of diving equipment, negligence of other passengers, and others...