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It is an extinct volcano placed about 20 nautical miles north of Santa Cruz Island. It is suitable for beginners and more experienced divers. Daphne minor has several diving spots, one of them is the platform that includes a small cave located about 6 mts deep where we can find white tipped sharks and sea turtles. During the tour you can go through a pinnacle 20mts depth where there is usually pretty reef fish and from where you may see the giant manta or Manta birostris. In the underwater platform in the east we will find the famous salema banks that can have tens of thousands of individuals in formation. This fish is about 10cm in length and endemic Galapagos favorite food for seabirds and some sharks. It is not uncommon to see feeding on them. Daphne has other diving spots as vertical walls covered woth sessile organisms of various shapes and colors, these walls down to more than 40mt deep.

Water temperature 18 °c – 29°c
Depth Range 20 m - 25 m
Degree of Difficulty Beginner to Intermediate
Current / Surge -
Visibility 8 m - 20 m
Entry Exit Corrent

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