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  • What's Included?

    • Activities according to the package booked:
      • Snorkeling: 2 snorkeling sessions
      • Discovery Scuba: 1 dive y 1 snorkeling session
      • Certified Diver: 2 dives
    • Transfers
      • From your hotel to Nautilus Yacht
      • From Nautilus Yacht to your hotel
    • Full set of dive equipment
      • Regulator with octopus
      • Pressure gauge
      • Depth gauge
      • BCD
      • Wetsuit 7 m/m
      • Booties
      • Mask
      • Fins
      • Aluminium air tanks S80
      • Weight belts
    • Food and drink
      • Snack
      • Box lunch
      • Coffee, tee and water
    • Insurance
      • Passenger Insurance on board
      • Liability Insurance release
    • Experienced Diving Nat.Park certified Guides
  • What it is not included?

    • Dive computer
    • 15 liter dive tank
    • Nitrox 32%
    • Tips
    • Diving insurance
    • Soft Drinks
    • Beers
  • Seymour Canal

    North Seymour is a small island located north of Baltra, suitable for all levels of divers, has a sandy bottom where you can see colonies of garden eels, sea turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, shark edge white, Galapagos sharks. If you are not certified and want to have an experience with Galapagos marine animals, then you do an introductory scuba dive or discovery the inner part of North Seymour Canal where is a maximum depth of 10 meters and sandy bottom.

    Certified divers do the dives in Seymour North Island at a depth of 18-22mts with low to medium current, and this is where it is more likely to sight the hammerheads.

    Entry Exit Corrent

    Seymour Nordest

    The Northeast coast of North Seymour Island, is a very good place for sharks and large pelagic fish, sea lions, stingrays, eagle rays, moray eels and many fish attracted by the current. The sea bottom is very steepy, with some platforms and small caves where white tip reef sharks and sea turtles usually rest. It is important to stay with the partner and avoid separated from the group, since the currents can be medium to strong, especially in the most extreme point of the route. The exit in this dive is in open ocean, so it is recommended to strictly follow the buddy system.

    Entry Exit Corrent

    Mosquera South

    It consists of a sandy sloping platform from 10 to 25 meters deep, and after a ravine from which you can see the next platform at 40 meters and this continues down up to1400 meters of depth. For this reason this dive site is very good for large pelagic fish amd mammals feeding in the depths of Galapagos. It is also common schooling hammerheads arriving to be cleaned. The maximum diving depth is 25 meters and is made along the top line of the submarine cliff. Here you can see sea lions, garden eels, moray eels, white tip reef, Galapagos sharks, turtles, eagle rays, hammerheadsharks and mobulas. Rare Tiger Shark.

    Entry Exit Corrent

    Mosquera North

    It consists of white sand bottom between 12 and 25 meters deep where we find numerous garden eels, some large Galapagos sharks plus sea lions, garden eels, turtles, eagle rays. In the last part of this dive you went through a formation of volcanic rocks and sand with many colorful reef fish and white tip reef sharks. Here it may be a bit of current.

    Entry Exit Corrent
  • Itinery

    • 07:00 Meetpoint Nautidiving Dive Shop or your Hotel
    • 08:00 Arrive at Itabaca Channel and Nautilus boarding
    • 08:45 Breefing and check equipment
    • 10:00 First dive
    • 11:00 Snak
    • 12:00 Second dive
    • 13:00 Box lunch
    • 15:30 Arrive at Puerto Ayora
  • Schedule to Seymour and Mosquera

    Seymour Seymour Canal Seymour Noreast Seymour Canal Seymour Noreast
    Mosquera Mosquera South Mosquera North Mosquera South Mosquera North
    Gordon Rocks Gordon Rocks Gordon Rocks
    Daphne Minor Daphne Minor Daphne Minor

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